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Tuesday, 28 July, 2015

OpinionIn the French discourse, “Atlanticism” is a key word, with lots of historical meaning, and the main goal is to discredit the person designated. This is how it works since General de Gaulle decided to withdraw from NATO’s military integrated command (7th March, 1966). So when, President Sarkozy formalized the return of France in the NATO’s military integrated command, some people were outraged, they considered it like treason. But it was not a sudden decision and we should replace it in the context. Since, Francois Hollande has agreed to the decision of his predecessor, the subject is not as full of drama and controversial as it used to be. But the full participation of France in the NATO calls for an overall (...)

Thursday, 9 July, 2015

Key Facts 5 | It would be a mistake to say that the Greek question is just economics. This is also geopolitics. If Greece must leave the Eurozone, it will be necessary to help it and strive to maintain the geopolitical stability of the region | By Jean-Sylvestre MONGRENIER, Research Fellow at the Thomas More Institute | Available in French

Avec la victoire du « non » au référendum du 5 juillet, la perspective d’un « Grexit » se précise un peu plus. Au fil des négociations, les dirigeants européens auront voulu ignorer le fait que Syriza est une formation d’extrême-gauche, néo-communiste et jusqu’auboutiste. L’ADN politique de Tsipras et de Syriza pousse à la fuite en avant et il était erroné de croire aux (...)

Monday, 29 June, 2015

Podcast | Watch the video of the round table entitled "The Empire Strikes Back | Towards a new Major War in Europe?" which was attended by Jean-Sylvestre MONGRENIER, Research Fellow at the Thomas More Institute, at IHEDN Meetings that took place Saturday, June 6, 2015, in Paris (Ecole Militaire)


| Watch the vidéo



Monday, 22 June, 2015

Podcast | 40 new missiles, a new submarine: Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, announced on June 16 the strengthening of its nuclear arsenal. NATO's response was immediate: "It is unjustified nuclear belligerence, dangerous and destabilizing," responded General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg. The Russian announcement came after the Pentagon want to park heavy weapons in some countries of Eastern Europe. While the behavior and reactions of the Russians and Americans have a whiff of cold war, Putin's ads are not a surprise, according to Jean-Sylvestre MONGRENIER, at the Thomas More Institute and an expert on security issues European and Russian Foreign Policy But the tension between Moscow and Washington is becoming stronger (...)

Monday, 22 June, 2015

Key Facts 4 | On June 2015, the 16th, Vladimir Putin declared that the Russian military would deploy 40 new intercontinental ballistic missiles. This decision is part of a global rearmament which was initiated before. NATO and its member states cannot remain indifferent | By Jean-Sylvestre MONGRENIER, Research Fellow at the Thomas More Institute | Available in French

Sur fond de « paix froide » entre la Russie et l’Occident, Vladimir Poutine a annoncé le déploiement de nouveaux missiles balistiques intercontinentaux d’ici la fin de l’année 2015. L’initiative est présentée comme une réponse à la défense anti-missile américaine et au projet de stockage d’armes lourdes sur le territoire d’États membres de (...)

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