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Tuesday, 24 November, 2015

Analysis | The Paris attacks of November 13 should convince us of an idea – an idea that some still refused after those of January: we are at war. Surely, this war will be long, difficult and bloody. It will take this war on the outside theater as the inside theater. This war will require resources and tools. But it will above all that the French understand that this war is as much cultural and moral than military, police or judicial. This war will require of us as much strength of soul as strength of arms | By Jean-Thomas LESUEUR, CEO of the Thomas More Institute | Available in French 

Après les terribles attentats qui ont touché la France le 13 novembre, les armes parlent et c’est bien ainsi. Elles parlent sur le (...)

Thursday, 19 November, 2015

OpinionFollowing the attacks of Paris, Charles MILLION, former French Defense Minister (1995-1997) and Trustee of the Thomas More Institute, calls for awareness on the dangers of radical Islam and real war against the Islamic State | Published on FigaroVox, Thursday, November 19, 2015 | Available in French

En semant la mort dans les rues de Paris, l'État islamique a confirmé que la France et – au-delà d'elle, l'Occident – était son ennemi. Tous les Français, le président de la République au premier rang d'entre eux, en ont pris acte. Il était temps car l'ennemi nous avait désignés comme cible depuis longtemps. Dans son esprit, nous représentons cette civilisation repue et matérialiste où se conjoindraient (...)

Monday, 16 November, 2015

AnalyseThe semantic debate surrounding the use of the word “war” is occupying the media, politicians, professional commentators as well as adepts of the Internet and the social networks. The answer is quite simple: “Yes”! It is nevertheless important to explain what kind of war we refer to | By Paul GOLDSCHMIDT, member of the Advisory Board of the Thomas More

Why refer to a collective “We”? As was the case after the 9/11 attacks in the USA, the events in Paris are a characterised aggression against a NATO member; consequently, as specified in Chapter VII of the treaty, it constitutes an attack against all its members and implies a coordinated response of all countries concerned.

Accepting this has several major (...)

Wednesday, 28 October, 2015

News Note 35 | What is at stake in Turkey is far beyond the crisis of migrants, and Europe should focus on the most serious geopolitical situation of this country. If the autocratic temptation of Erdogan mortgage the future of a country and rightly worry, Brussels and the European capitals should go beyond the current framework. Rather than relaunching the uncertain process of integration into the European Union, they must negotiate a real geopolitical partnership with Turkey | By Jean-Sylvestre MONGRENIER, Research Fellow at the Thomas More Institute and Fellow at the Institut Français de Géopolitique (Paris VIII Vincennes-Saint-Denis University) | Available in French


« L’espoir des Européens, désormais, c’est (...)

Tuesday, 28 July, 2015

OpinionIn the French discourse, “Atlanticism” is a key word, with lots of historical meaning, and the main goal is to discredit the person designated. This is how it works since General de Gaulle decided to withdraw from NATO’s military integrated command (7th March, 1966). So when, President Sarkozy formalized the return of France in the NATO’s military integrated command, some people were outraged, they considered it like treason. But it was not a sudden decision and we should replace it in the context. Since, Francois Hollande has agreed to the decision of his predecessor, the subject is not as full of drama and controversial as it used to be. But the full participation of France in the NATO calls for an overall (...)

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